LugusKnows – Every first Wednesday of the month Lugus organizes LugusKnows. Here, Lugus invites a seasoned and successful entrepreneur who will tell us about his or her experience as an entrepreneur. After his or her story, Lugus members can ask questions and talk about the best ways to manage your business. The topics of these evenings vary depending on what the members want. Examples are interacting with customers, how to deal with intellectual property, to media training or writing your own business plan.

Pitch Friday – Every last Friday afternoon of the month our entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and hardships to each other. The purpose of this afternoon is to receive feedback on your idea, to refine your pitch, and offer solutions or advice on each other’s problems. This includes beer and pizza, of course!

Gulliver – Together with Science meets Business (SmB) we organise the biggest student entrepreneurship competition of Leiden called Gulliver. This competition is tailored exclusively to students and spans from November till June. The competition oranigzes five meetings where students can get more insights, meet new people, and get inspired. The winner of Gulliver receives 10.000 euros!

Lugus presents Lugus – The biggest event of the year! At this yearly event Lugus presents herself to her entrepreneurs and to the public. This event is all about showing the progress and potential of our entrepreneurs. The event is open for everyone interested in Lugus or her entrepreneurs.

Other activities – Lugus is always open to new ideas. In the past have organized several other activities, like a startup bootcamp and start-up mornings at high schools to make more people enthusiastic for entrepreneurship. If you want to organize an event with us please let us know at

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