LUGUS - Student Entrepreneurs

Do you have a good idea? Or no idea at all, but enthusiasm for entrepreneurship?

Join Lugus! Lugus is a society of student entrepreneurs and supports and facilitates student start-ups. Lugus believes that innovative start-ups are very important for the Dutch economy. We believe that students are the ones to offer new and innovative solutions for the problems of now and of the future. That is why we help students to start their own company. By combining the knowledge, network and expertise of our society and seasoned entrepreneurs, we help students to realize their idea into a new successful business.

We offer a safe place to start a business where students from Leiden who want to become entrepreneurs can meet to start their business surrounded by like-minded people. Lugus connects new and experiences student entrepreneurs, students with existing and experienced companies, and offers a place to work and a supporting network. We believe there is no better place to start your business than an open and supportive society where many other students have started their business before.

We also offer several other activities, like interviews with successful entrepreneurs, networking opportunities, pitch training, the entrepreneurship competition Gulliver and much more. Lugus inspires the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We introduce, in cooperation with the University of Leiden and the University of Applied Sciences Leiden, students to the wondrous world of entrepreneurship. We motivate them to realize their dreams and offer them a solid base to do so.

To become a Lugus member, simply visit us at Langegracht 70. Membership, including a working space, network and access to all our activities only costs a symbolic fee of €2,50 a month. At Langegracht 70 we offer a productive, interactive atmosphere where entrepreneurs meet, inspire, advise and work.

Interested? Visit us at Langegracht 70 in Leiden. We have coffee!

Sediq Kobari
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